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neocaeczaristic phallic ruins [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Jan 2007|09:52pm]
1 patients diseased | inject the morphine

[15 Mar 2006|05:09am]
long time.
3 patients diseased | inject the morphine

[25 Nov 2004|05:08am]

Tina and I staying fucking true to our roots. Michelle ahd the pleasure of taking that picture on Sunset when I was down in hollywood. I miss it.
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fsdfhjgksdhjfg [17 Nov 2004|03:40am]
Me and brendan made a joint myspace account..check it.

inject the morphine

[13 Nov 2004|06:16am]
I'll remain using this journal every now and then...but for now i'll be using http://www.livejournal.com/users/starfilledroad_/
Add me fuckers.
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[12 Nov 2004|06:40pm]
lil miss joshua: remember 911
lil miss joshua signed off at 6:39:59 PM.
2 patients diseased | inject the morphine

Thank Gehova [01 Nov 2004|07:55pm]
[ mood | no ]

So I can finally transport myself. I bought me a mothafuckin Honda accord and it makes me giddy.

3 patients diseased | inject the morphine

..... [28 Oct 2004|09:45pm]

how could i endure one more sunrise in this cold
and unfamiliar place?

where friends pass by like autumn leaves
only stay for a season.

my heart dead to the smallest act of compassion

it gave them no reason to break the cycle of
the passers by.
their actions made trust a failed practise

so here i stand on this hill alone, never turning back

in hopes that the past will fade.
2 patients diseased | inject the morphine

Make it happen [13 Oct 2004|02:25pm]
[ mood | determined ]

Untried and untested,
One fits nowhere but here in anonymity.
There is no birthright - no innate guidance.
No direction or destination is handed down.

Shackles are the one thing free for all.

Dead ends and dead lives around here,
and failure obscures all but the immediate.
Sweet dreams fall from reach here;
fade from existence - fade from sight.
They merge with the black in decay and neglect.

The surroundings here are sparse and desolate,
and life here is grief,
but the path leading here is short and simple-
it is so like these aspirations.

Better ways and better times are bitter memories.
Lost lives live here without inspiration or desire.
Here is the lowest of places,
but do not despair.

inject the morphine

[10 Oct 2004|06:54pm]
WhiteRoomThreat: yo
that ilia guy: yo niglet
WhiteRoomThreat: i'm naked
that ilia guy: yummy
WhiteRoomThreat: mhmm
WhiteRoomThreat signed off at 6:47:44 PM.
1 patients diseased | inject the morphine

[02 Oct 2004|04:37pm]
I'm the best you'll ever have
You're the best I'll never have


Here kitty kitty kitty


listen through the walls
the sound of quick footsteps sneaking down the hall
the pages turning
the leaky roof
the toilet flushing
numbers on the license plate

I'm nothing more than
The best you'll never have
A speck on your bedroom wall
A blood red waterfall


Your dead things are locked up inside
Blow smoke rings straight back in time
Roses floating out with the tide
Dance and sing under gunfire
Open wings slowly take flight...

Around these parts a fly can live---
A fly can live a thousand years
but a man cannot die soon enough, true enough

A smiling drunk nursing a glass of milk
A girl with a face like prison bread
Over the kitchen noise I hear them howl at me

A scabby ketchup bottle and a two-dollar bill
I guess its time to pay the bill, but you know I never will
I'm hungry still...


Mercy killing on the way
Never thought I'd hear you say
Falling to your knees and pray now...

In this crowded place I could swing a cat
And not even hit a soul...
It's just the lonely vacuum of human black holes

And I'm as dry as these thirsty trees
with big city thoughts in the dirty breeze...
promising to set me free
"waiter, check please..."

2 patients diseased | inject the morphine

uhh [28 Sep 2004|08:59am]
[ mood | blank ]

Okay...we're back.

3 patients diseased | inject the morphine

hollywood so far [23 Sep 2004|01:56pm]
[ mood | fucking ahppy for once ]

You, know...... i dont write in this very much, but this is how i feel. For once i feel happy, i've always fucking hated seattle. I feel at home here, i'm from here and i feel nostalgic every time i come here. Justin, the record producer who brought us down here knows evrybody and he got us into a couple clubs on sunset for free and we got to drink and have dinner across from cypress hill,i dont think they like me.Oh and i saw mr. val kilmer as well. TRON MAN from jimmy kimmel payed us a visti at this restraunt/club called the rainbow(celebrity hotspot). So today we,re gonna go meet the industry guys, look at the studio, a contract,and let the night take advantage of us again. Take care everyone. I miss the majority of you.

7 patients diseased | inject the morphine

[19 Sep 2004|01:04am]
So we leave for Hollywood monday evening. Eveyone should come bring us cookies.
1 patients diseased | inject the morphine

[15 Sep 2004|05:59am]
[ mood | numb ]

You know that you came across a good movie if it kept you up this late. Sean Penn is more than just an actor. Props to Clint for Mystic River.

2 patients diseased | inject the morphine

[11 Sep 2004|12:32pm]
WhiteRoomThreat: what band name do you like better Interrogation or Skin Like Winter
that ILIA guy: mudvayne
3 patients diseased | inject the morphine

Deep down they're good people [10 Sep 2004|12:25am]
So, i guess we are leaving for Hollywood in 11 days. Supposedly we are staying at a 5 star hotel for free, doing a photo sho0t(wtf!?!?), playing some shows, and looking at a contract deal. What i'm mostly lookign forward to is smoking a blunt with snoop at our hotel. Life has been amazing lately and here are a list of people who have been there for me..

*not karl
*Will Tinkham
7 patients diseased | inject the morphine

[30 Aug 2004|05:37am]
Entertain me everyone. I'm out of Sylvia Plath volcabulary at the moment.
18 patients diseased | inject the morphine

Thursday Night [28 Aug 2004|08:55am]

9 patients diseased | inject the morphine

Winston Donahue and The Carimson Thiefs vs Potato Wedge Wayne [23 Aug 2004|01:41am]

BrownBrendanBear: fang hen moon, and zargrossi sex to chex mix
that ILIA guy: indian buriel hound dog snuff chew rick
BrownBrendanBear: sabian and naked stove top wrinkles, get your tick tock lamb held hand held lampshades my friend, your corns about to pee oh pee.
that ILIA guy: sequels and the melvin pens
that ILIA guy: oh deck diving interactice whore bullet m,achine out rocket neurologist nay=te lowry boeing bomb brothers,catastrophic na palm balloon sex
BrownBrendanBear: let me drum hard metal ripples on your bent over back as i inject 50cc's of arab native soldier gargle gas and stank stank stank it up the nasal path of the ukrain navy unit gibble deez.
that ILIA guy: undenied apocolyptic steaming metal anal mary joeseph windex screeching hober daddy crack
BrownBrendanBear: winston sneezdale hornet casket juice, you biggie smalls french fry machine, leaning tower of suds, and funk iron for five frenz you horn honker.
that ILIA guy: bonkers and carl winslow invented donahue gum tiger bus manuals with 1% of your dads inebriated fetal mouse
BrownBrendanBear: carmen sandiego slough of mud zits and pimple dent flame toads, your neck and her broken slimey wrist were smashed together inbetween the drive shaft and the transmission of your dogs volkswagon pissghetti.
BrownBrendanBear: McChicken calogne smell of pumped hair heart and jone jet festering pot sticker mold hanging from your uvula
that ILIA guy: mitch hermes borrowed my blood brothers aperin so he can tear teradaxl rose in your underground beach clipping sand shoes from gummy pussy paste niglet ships
BrownBrendanBear: jason lee puckered up to brandon lee underneath the simon and poomba exhibit.
that ILIA guy: ronald mcdonald and anthony romine stole tom cruises bitch from scotlland's value village asylum
BrownBrendanBear: and watched your pink butthole expand into different colors as its M & M flavors evaporated onto mr.sarvis's hummer.
that ILIA guy: doctor gonzo's goof troop dick fuck social security molested jim carey's idiot pilot crash on 405 exits in omar's room
BrownBrendanBear: the muscle pump of cambodian goose bumps shrivled mrs. dinker donnlies factor sweat heart and sweet tooth for gumble and kevin smith for the nile of ten oat worth bushes and the slaughter hen reaction of slick james and nickle back.l
BrownBrendanBear: hand held rotator cup glasses focused in on the fine print of your gargled brown sticky nut cluster, you duster.
that ILIA guy: whole grain tabaco cocoa mixa margarita catostrapha banna sam ham's sain johnson beet;lle money coke laundrin church after africa sntanaed jim's hendrix pooper shooter notrth daokota bushwacking bee hive from eric mathew's bong water gum drops
BrownBrendanBear: exacto knife the fourstrung skin leaking droplets of thick body oil onto the anus of a random concubine in the trapt fan club of piss and pizzmonies garth shop.
that ILIA guy: converge hit the kegger in marysville with roman's right hand machine gun glasses from japans finsest shuhi smokeer in the national associatiomn of we dro crack for lie casue white [power comes in all shapes and sizes like your moms chcker dic es and montana's pizza slices after mouthwashing hermits nifect your bulubber gum hop fuck cumlet sick donnkey alien skid marks
5 patients diseased | inject the morphine

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